Income-eligible waitlist

How do you sign up for the Income Eligible Child Care Waiting List?

If you used the Child Care Circuit to assist you in your search for child care, take our quick parent follow-up survey to let us know how the service worked for you. Your feedback is important to us.

In-Home Referrals
For families interested in pursuing in-home (nanny) care, the Child Care Circuit provides a comprehensive information service ($75 fee required) that includes referrals to various nanny and au pair agencies as well as valuable information regarding nanny selection and hiring. Whether you are looking for a baby sitter or nanny on your own or wish to use an agency, the information provided by Child Care Circuit will provide you with information you need to know.

Looking for Summer Camps?
For a free guide to ACA camps in the New England Region, click here or call (781) 541-6080 with additional summer camp search questions.

Click here to learn more about camps for children with special needs.

Are You a Military Family?
Child Care Aware serves more than 10,000 military children every year. Click here to learn more about what your branch offers.