Provider Information - Mayor's Scholarship Fund



The program ends on August 11, 2023



El programa finaliza el 11 de agosto de 2023


The Mayor's Scholarship Fund will be managed by The Community Group in conjunction with the city of Lawrence.  Licensed child care providers who accept subsidies, are eligible to participate in this program and assist families who wish to enroll.

Families will be required to pay a parent co-pay based on a sliding fee scale, and the Mayor’s Scholarship Fund will reimburse programs for the remainder of the tuition, up to the maximum EEC reimbursement rate. The Mayor’s Scholarship Fund will not reimburse programs beyond the maximum EEC reimbursement rate. 

Child Care Circuit will provide final authorization of all scholarship applications. Programs who wish to participate will be required to:

  • Complete a weekly survey of program openings
  • Will bill Child Care Circuit for reimbursement on a monthly basis.
  • Programs with contracted slots will be required to collect documents from families based on eligibility criteria provided by Child Care Circuit and submit them to
  • In order to receive reimbursement, programs will need to submit invoices on a monthly basis.